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Poverty takes an incredible toll on an individual’s sense of self worth and can overwhelm our community resources. It is both our moral and fiscal responsibility to create viable solutions to poverty to lift each other up. Finding long-term solutions to poverty helps reduce costs across the board. That means ensuring everyone in our community has access to the three pillars of a fulfilling life; housing, employment and healthcare. If just one of these three pillars fall away the other two can quickly follow regardless of order.
It can happen to anyone, even the most prepared, and can quickly lead to devastating poverty. Unfortunately, I see this daily in the most marginalized populations of our County while stabilizing distressed communities. Transitioning out of poverty is nearly impossible for any person alone and requires community investment in human dignity and resolve. When people know you care about them, the more they care about themselves.       
As in my professional career, as Commissioner, I will continue to work hard to find creative solutions to boost the foundational support of the most vulnerable in our community; such as housing-first and alternative home models, properly funded mental health and addiction treatment, and working to find re-entry employment opportunities.
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