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A key aspect to a growing and thriving community is continuing to improve infrastructure and Lane County is no exception. There are two major areas that we need to work on to help people in here immediately.  
First, we need to close the digital divide in Lane County by bringing first class internet to our underserved and rural communities. That means expanding high speed internet to rural Lane County at an affordable price. Supporting and coordinating with public benefit internet corporations is critical in accomplishing this goal. When communities can access that high-speed internet, businesses can operate online and schools can begin to use new education models. It is not just tech companies that need high speed internet, it is increasingly important for all companies in order to stay competitive and be successful. There has been extensive work in Eugene metro area on bringing the base infrastructure of high speed internet but we need to work on closing the loop which means connecting homes and business to the main fiber optic superhighway known as “the last mile”.    
Second, we need to continue to work on transportation needs throughout Lane County. Quality, reliable and smart transportation systems will help everyone. We need to find paths to increase rural transportation, and continue working on expanding connectivity of these systems in Eugene and Springfield metro area. Working families, students, and low-income people heavily rely on these systems to get to their jobs and get connected to other services. We must also work on solutions to our most dangerous roadways and ensuring safety in high traffic corridors.  
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