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“I am proud to endorse Heather Buch for East Lane County Commissioner. I have seen the work that Heather has done delivering real results for the people in Lane County, especially in rural parts of the district, and I know she will continue to have a big impact as a County Commissioner. Heather will work tirelessly to find the common sense solutions we need here in Lane County and improve the lives of all Oregonians.”  

United States Congressman Peter DeFazio, Dean of the Oregon Delegation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Heather Buch in her capacity as a project manager for St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County (SVDP). Heather was tasked with identifying manufactured home parks which could be purchased by SVDP to preserve them as a viable form of affordable housing. I worked with Heather on several of these projects. She successfully negotiated purchase contracts and then arranged all the funding which included a complicated array of government grants and traditional bank financing. Many of these parks required intensive remodeling including replacing homes which were in disrepair. Heather managed all of this work to insure that it was completed on time and

on budget. The finalized product was a clean, safe, well-maintained community that, under SVDP’s ownership and management, would remain affordable for its residents. Heather is a strong leader, a good listener, a collaborative problem solver, and she cares about the poor. She would make a GREAT County Commissioner.” 

Mary Bartlett, Vice President Business Client Advisor, Summit Bank

“Heather wears two hats. With one she is in charge of St. Vinnie's wonderful mobile home park makeover projects. As you may know, they buy very distressed properties, fix the many problems, improve the units already existing there or bring in newer, less distressed units And then they can lease or re-lease these clean, safe places to individuals or families with low incomes. Her second hat is as a small business owner. She is a licensed commercial Realtor and property manager who specializes in affordable housing. Do you know a theme here? It is my opinion that Heather is the most qualified and capable candidate in this race. Besides, we need a competent woman on the current all-male board of county commissioners!” 

Jean Tate, former teacher, small business owner, and First Citizen of Eugene

Union/Organization Endorsements

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Green Light

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Elected Officials Endorsements

  • Peter DeFazio - U.S. Congressman, Oregon's 4th district

  • Val Hoyle - Oregon Labor Commissioner Elect

  • Lee Beyer - State Senator, SD 6

  • James Manning - State Senator, SD 7

  • Paul Holvey - State Representative, HD 8

  • Phil Barnhart - State Representative, HD 11

  • Julie Fahey - State Representative, HD 14

  • Tony Corcoran - Former State Rep/State Senator from Cottage Grove

  • Lucy Vinis - Eugene Mayor

  • Claire Syrett - Eugene City Councilor, Ward 7

  • Chris Pryor - Eugene City Councilor, Ward 8

  • Gary Mounce - Creswell City Councilor

  • Kitty Piercy - Former Eugene Mayor

  • Rosie Pryor - Lane Community College Board Member

  • Matt Keating - Lane Community College Board Member

  • Mary Walston - 4J School Board

  • Evangelina Sundgrenz - 4J School Board

  • Judy Newman - 4J School Board

  • Rose Wilde - Lane ESD Board

  • Laura Sireci Roman - Blue River Parks and Rec and Blue River Water District 

  • Sonya Carlson - EWEB Board Member

Community Endorsements

  • Terry McDonald

  • Ron Chase

  • Paul Solomon

  • Susan Ban

  • Michelle Cady

  • Jacqueline McDonald

  • Sandra Buch

  • Jim Buch

  • Carleen Reilly

  • Bill Van Vliet

  • Marty Wilde

  • Robert Pinger

  • Laurie Trieger

  • John VanLandingham

  • Gene McLaughlin

  • Verna McLaughlin

  • Loni Conte-Everson

  • Angela LeCompte

  • Andrea Taylor

  • Jack Sinkowski

  • Anne Todd

  • Stuart Perlmeter

  • Cynthia Pappas

  • Stefan Ostrach

  • Jane Kammerzelt

  • Laura Illig

  • Sarah Weston

  • Barbara Aldave

  • Jody Miller

  • Joanne Peterson

  • Josh Skov

  • Beverly Barr

  • Don Nahnsen

  • Joy Marshall

  • Barbara Bellamy

  • Munir Katul - Prior Chief of Staff, Willamette Hospital  

  • Jim Baker

  • Joanne Hugi

  • Gary Rayor

  • Sharon Posner

  • Sally Sheklow

  • Thomas Creager

  • Lynn Kahle

  • Theodore & Karrin Calhoun

  • Bruce Hinson

  • Marion Malcom

  • David Saenger

  • Naomi & Fred Fellows

  • Larry Hill

  • Cheryl Hunter

  • John Fisher

  • Esther Jacobson Tepfer

  • Sophia Bowie-McCoy

  • Arlen Markus

  • Jolene Siemsen

  • Susan Connolly

  • Morgan Munro

  • Pamela Whyte

  • Michael Bean

  • Fran & Mike Curtis

  • Jane Squires

  • Jean Tate

  • Paul Kaplan

  • Richard Zettervall

  • Sara Hendrickson

  • Gretchen Miller

  • Cyndy Lane

  • Moxie Loeffler

  • Victoria Whitman

  • Pat Reilly

  • Roger Gray

  • Eric Sprado

  • Sierra Dameron

  • Jake Foster

  • Anna Peña

  • Carly Gabrielson

  • Celine Swenson Harris

  • Gina Gervase 

  • Tim Morris 

  • John Fritz

  • Tabitha Pitzer 

  • Connie Gienger

  • Larry Gienger

  • Emily Mooney

  • Mary Leighton

  • Rebecca Flynn

  • Susan Cundiff

  • Mike Brinkley

  • Freda Ances

  • Jennifer Bell

  • Pam Reber

  • Wendy J. Cook

  • Jan Madrone

  • Harriet Merrick

  • Sue Barnhart

  • Deborah Larson

  • Jack Taylor

  • Dianne Lobes, EdD, LPC

  • Susan Keith

  • Nicole Leseney

  • Chelsea Jennings

  • Helen Berg

  • Bonnie Henderson

  • John Reynolds

  • Cynthia Kokis

  • Lou Sinniger

  • Linda & Doug Carnine

  • Howard & Darcy Saxion

  • Margaret Hallock

  • Erik Fisher

  • Ellen Singer

  • James & Betty Hemmingsen

  • Nora Morgan

  • Caroline Passerotti

  • Marilyn Nersesian

  • Cathye Tritten

  • Annie Pashall

  • Todd Berger

  • Polly Ashworth

  • Gail Newton

  • Jo-Mae Gonyea

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